Fiskars Weed Puller Removes Invasive Weeds With No Kneeling

Wouldn’t it be great if you could care for your lawn without having to kneel or bend? Now you can with the Fiskars Uproot Lawn and Garden Weeder, commended by the Arthritis Foundation. It offers four stainless steel serrated claws, an aluminum shaft and mess-free eject feature. The weed puller makes it possible to control dandelions and other weeds without having to kneel or bend or use harmful chemicals. The weed puller removes weeds without back strain and gets the weeds by the roots so they won’t grow back. To use the product, simply position the tool over the weed and insert the claws into the ground.

Then grab the weed by pulling back the handle, and lift the tool and eject the weed. Before you know it, you’ll have a weed-free yard that you can enjoy! With a long, 36-inch handle and comfortable use, you won’t mind getting your yard ready for the spring. When compared to the Yard Butler weed puller that comes at a similar price, the Fiskars product is the preferred choice, as it’s stronger and gets the weeds out by the roots.

The Positives
Allows you to control dandelions, thistles, and other invasive weeds without bending or kneeling. Equipped with four durable stainless steel claws are serrated to grab and remove the weeds, plus the Fiskars weed puller includes a lightweight aluminum shaft. The winged weeder easily grabs and removes weeds with root and all, plus it offers a mess-free eject of weeds.

The Negatives
The only downside to the product is that some consumers were left with a broken tool within the first season, which was attributed to the plastic and aluminum construction. Fortunately, the majority of product owners had no trouble with this issue and found that the weed puller far outlasted other gardening tools in their shed. Lastly, some felt the weed puller was hard to position directly over a weed.

So What’s The Scoop?
Product owners report that this gardening weeding tool is amazing and worth every penny, being the first tool that worked on big weeds. More importantly, the weed puller inspired people to begin working in their yards again, as it’s enjoyable to use.

Weed Puller.

Fiskars Uproot Lawn Garden Weeder.

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