Weber Grill Rotisserie Includes A Counterbalance For Smooth Turning

In the days before mankind had our warm charcoal grills or powerful propane grills, food was cooked over an open fire with meat on a stick or spinning on a rotisserie. The great flavor and solid all around cooking a rotisserie provided is something only found these days in rotisserie chickens left sitting on a warmer in the grocery store. Webers 7519 Gas Grill Rotisserie returns the power of the rotisserie to Weber grill owners everywhere. The Weber Grill Rotisserie is designed to fit the E-300 and S-300 series gas grills allowing perfect rotisserie cooking for chickens and other poultry and beef. So what else does it come with?

The Weber Gas Grill Rotisserie comes with a heavy duty electric motor for reliable turning and a counterbalance to prevent engine wear and provide a smooth turn. Aside from a few design flaws that some users found, notably the placement of the Gas Grill Rotisserie’s handle, most customers found the rotisserie perfect for grilling pork tenderloins, turkey, chicken, and more.

The Positives
Gas grill rotisserie includes a heavy-duty electric motor. Fits the Genesis E-300 and Genesis S-300 gas grills. BBQ grill rotisserie has a counterbalance for smooth turning and less motor wear. Rotisserie has a powerful, quiet motor that rotates a sturdy stainless spit. Better retention of juices makes a rotisserie grill a family favorite.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the placement of the Rotisserie Grill’s handle was cumbersome. One reviewer found that the BBQ grill rotisserie motor didn’t work after setting it up.

So What’s The Scoop?
Few customers ever had issues with the outdoor grill rotisserie reliable motor and appreciated the quiet, smooth operation the unit provided. Overall, the Weber Grill Rotisserie is a solid buy for any E-300/S-300 series gas grill owner looking to amp up their grilling style.

Weber Gas Grill Rotisserie.

Outdoor Grill Rotisserie.

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  1. Ranjit says:

    The grill rotisserie is great. I used to burn my chicken on the grill and it would stick, but with the rotisserie its easy to avoid that problem. It also cooks it even all the way through, which is also nice.

  2. Product Scoop says:

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