Stainless Steel Weber Grill Brush Delivers On The Barbecue Grill

Few would argue that grilling steaks, hot dogs, and hamburgers over an open flame is one of the finest pleasures in most men’s lives. Nothing in life comes without chores though and even the finest of past times like grilling has its nasty side, clean up. Cleaning the remains from steaks, chicken, and burgers off the grill can be an annoying task and often many are left feeling as though the job is only half done. The Weber 6424 21-Inch T-Brush helps bring an end to half-cleaned grills though with its simple design and effective bristles. The Weber Grill Brush is interestingly designed with a simple yet effective T-shaped head.

This allows it to effectively clean in the tightest corners, as well for in between grates to get all the mess out of the grill. The long-wear bristles on the end are designed to last for years and are tough enough to get the stickiest of messes off without harming the enamel on grilling surfaces. While some users reported getting steel bristles instead of brass bristles, the majority of users never suffered any damage even to porcelain enameled grilling surfaces; and all the customers were happy with the long life they got out of their Weber grill brush.

The Positives
Helps clean out tight corners and hard to reach grill areas. Stainless steel grill brush offers long-wearing bristles. Steel grill brush won’t scratch porcelain enamel. Specially designed grill brush to reach into grate corners. Rawhide hanging strap makes it easy to stow the brush right near the action.

The Negatives
Some reviewers said they received steel bristles instead of brass bristles. Not as much surface area as a traditional grill brush.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Weber barbecue grill brush is simplicity and effectiveness married with an affordable price, making it the perfect match for all grill lovers.

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