The Weber Chimney Starter Quickly And Evenly Heats Charcoal

The Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter is the best friend of the outdoor chef who prefers grilling the traditional way using charcoal rather than propane. With the Weber Chimney Starter you can quickly get your grilled fired up and ready to cook up your favorites. If you are cooking with a propane grill only because of how quickly it heats and miss the flavor of a traditional grill you definitely want to check into this product. To begin simply place your briquettes in the chimney and Weber Firestarters or crumpled newspaper under the cylinder and place it in a kettle style grill. A lit match placed through one of the holes in the bottom will begin a fire.

Now, you will be ready to start grilling burgers and hot dogs in minutes. The aluminum-steel allows the flames to efficiently light each charcoal briquette quickly. The large capacity allows this starter to hold enough briquettes for up to a 23 inch grill.

The Positives
Chimney starter system lights charcoal quickly and evenly. Made from aluminized steel with a stay-cool thermoplastic handle. Holds enough briquettes for a 22-1/2-inch kettle grill. Cone bottom ensures a fast start; eliminates need for lighter fluid. Grill’s ready to cook up burgers, hot dogs, or whatever’s on the menu.

The Negatives
One reviewer mentioned that the metal cylinder was burnt through after one season. It can not be used with treated charcoal briquettes.

So What’s The Scoop?
I recommend the Weber Chimney Starter to anyone who grills out and does not like the long wait for the charcoals to head up. This is truly one of those products that is so smart yet so simple you will be asking yourself “why didn’t someone think of this sooner”.

Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter.

Charcoal Grill Chimney Starter.

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