Victoria Secret’s Boyshort Panty: Coverage Can be Cute

Victoria Secret’s Boyshort Panty is a midrise panty made from mostly cotton with some nylon and spandex thrown in the mix. These panties come in sizes extra-small to extra-large and right now have 13 different color/pattern options. This style is considered to have moderate back coverage, which also helps with underwear lines. If you haven’t purchased boyshort panties before, the gist of them is that they cover higher on your back and also cover lower on your legs without being regular ‘ol shorts. If you’re worried about them being too long- don’t be, the VS brand’s boyshort length is even shorter than many “off-brand” types, so they overall simply just cover your bum and that’s it.

The Positives
Something I love about VS undies is that they change and add new patterns all the time, so if you don’t like the patterns at the moment you can wait and there will probably be some new ones soon. These panties are also super comfy and stretchy- I think they’re the stretchiest style out of all the panties in the store. Due to this type of fit, you can go between sizes usually and the fit will be different, so you can sort of customize how you’d like these to fit which is pretty darn cool. I mentioned earlier that these panties tend to help with panty lines, so I’ll mention that here too. The top of the underwear basically completely eliminates panty line there and unless you’re wearing a skin tight dress the legs will probably not show panty lines either. This is actually an unusual bonus because a majority of VS panties leave lines (except thongs of course). An example would be the VS bikini panty- which I hate because of the crazy intense panty lines (why my mother buys this fit I will never know).

The Negatives
I’ll be critical of these because they are so expensive- even though they are always part of the 5/27 and other deals. Some of the patterns tend to make the underwear a little thinner than usual, specifically the jaguar pattern right now (featured in the picture below). The solid colored panties don’t usually have this problem, so it’s from the way the images are placed on the fabric. When I checked the public’s opinion on these, it seems the thinness of the printed fabrics would be accompanied by a rougher feel also, so that is definitely a negative; however, to me it wasn’t that noticeable of a difference. Something some people were complaining about was the sizing. I’ll try to state the obvious though as nicely as possible. These underwear STRETCH A LOT, so maybe if they are too tight you’re in the wrong size, just saying. Overall though, these complaints are rare and I’m simply stating all the ity bity issues that MAY occur due to a specific design manufacturer flaw.

So What’s The Scoop?
Victoria Secret’s Boyshort Panty is a cotton/nylon/spandex mixed material that comes in sizes extra-small to extra-large and are made in 13 colors at the moment but that always changes. These panties are comfortable and have a lot of give to them. A huge positive of these panties is that they eliminate panty lines, and I will take any option that gives me a few less lumps and bumps. These panties are overall well reviewed except for every once in a while a pattern causes the fabric to be uncomfortable. But even with the minor complaints, I guiltlessly recommend these and will say I almost solely wear this style now.



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