Black And Decker Pre-Wound Trimmer Replacement Spools Deliver

Black and Decker has designed some excellent electric and battery lawn trimmers and they all have the Auto Feed System that eliminates the need to bump the trimmer against the ground everytime you need more line. The feed system uses centrifugal force to feed more line as is needed. However, the factory installed wound spool will eventually run out during the course of the lawn maintenance season. Black and Decker has now released their line of factory pre-wound timmer replacement spools for most of their lawn trimmer/edger models. It does remove the hassle of winding your own spools. It is very easy just to load the spool into the feed system.

No tools are needed, just simply pop off the used spool and snap the new pre-fed one into place. With trimmers it is important to the performance to use the correct diameter line. The Black and Decker trimmer replacement spool is designed with .065-inch diameter line and is approved for a host of the Black and Decker trimmers. Be sure to have your model number ready and check if this spool is compatible with your product. Definitely a no hassle, quick and easy product release.

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The Positives
Auto Feed System replacement spool eliminates time spent hand-winding trimmers. Has a 30-Feet replacement line is factory wound for a superior feed. Utilizes centrifugal force for maximum performance. Includes a 0.065-Inch diameter line. Compatible with most Black & Decker string trimmers.

The Negatives
The quality of the strong has been mentioned to break apart easily while trimming. Reported that some would like a thicker line for more difficult weed cutting jobs.

So What’s The Scoop?
Most owners report it’s as easy as popping the old one out and then popping the new one in. These look to be solidly built trimmer replacement spools.

Weedeater Replacement Spool.

Replacement Spool.

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