The Enclosure On This Trampoline Will Keep Your Kids Out Of Trouble!

If you are looking for a trampoline with enclosure, then a great option to consider is the Pure Fun 12-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Set. This backyard trampoline includes a rust resistant frame and the “W-shaped legs” really help to make sure that the kids will have a hard time tipping it over. One of the things that many appreciate is the way the enclosure attaches to the frame. It’s easy to attach and the zipper allows the kids to get in and out without much trouble. The Pure Fun trampoline has plenty of space, being 12 feet across, but it’s a little weak when it comes to maximum weight at only 250 pounds.

Many of the other trampolines on the market can support a bit more weight than that, so you will have to make sure your kids aren’t piling in there with all of their friends (which you know they’re going to want to do).

The Positives
The wide surface really provides a lot of room for jumping and acrobatics, which is what the kids really want to do when they get on the trampoline. Most of the parents who have shared their thoughts on this product have indicated that it provides a solid, sturdy surface on which the kids can play. Parents also report that the Pure Fun trampoline is relatively weather resistant and it’s okay to leave it uncovered in the rain.

The Negatives
The biggest complaint across the board is the assembly that is required. The instructions are out of date and the assembly time is considerable. But beyond those complaints there was hardly anything negative feedback on this product. It is strongly recommended that you get the anchor kit so the trampoline doesn’t blow away. This is a problem with all trampolines, but can be especially problematic on a trampoline this large.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Pure Fun 12 Foot Trampoline is an excellent outdoor trampoline if you’re able to spend a couple hundred bucks to get a nice big trampoline for your kids. It’s not suitable for adults because of the weight restrictions, although one or two skinny people might be able to get away with using it. The children will enjoy it and it’s designed to last. After you get beyond the difficult instructions, you will be jumping for joy that you have purchased a product like this for your family.

Trampoline With Enclosure.

Pure Fun Mini Trampoline.

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