The Bazoongi 48 Inch Bouncer Is A Well Built Toddler Trampoline

When you step outside with your small children, you want to ensure that they are able to play in the safety of your home. It can be difficult to find toys that are applicable for many children of a younger age, particularly those which are outdoor toys such as a trampoline. With high energy children, an indoor trampoline should allow for fun and safety, especially during the winter months. The Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer trampoline claims to be a huge hit among many parents. When used for small children, having a trampoline that is 48” is the perfect size for the indoors. The trampoline also includes a good bounce to it.

The Positives
The blue outer ring on the trampoline covers the springs completely which is a big deal for anyone with children, who don’t want their feet getting caught in between two springs. Many trampolines are not built in this fashion. The trampoline also includes six legs, making it studier for smaller, more hyper children than the typical trampolines with four legs. It fits well within a small or large indoor space while providing adequate room to move around and jump inside. There is a bar attached to the trampoline which provides additional support and is fully padded, leaving no exposed metal or sharp parts while offering the perfectly situated bar for children to hold.

The Negatives
The negatives include an eighty pound weight limit. This means that if children are large for their age, or they grow quickly, they will not be able to use it for a long time, and older siblings cannot join younger siblings. There are times when the device wobbles under less than eighty pounds in spite of the six legs if children lean on the bar too heavily. The trampoline comes greased for assembly, making it a bit of a messy project. It incurs a higher cost than other trampolines of the same caliber.

So What’s The Scoop?
All and all, there were a lot of enthusiastic owner reviews and some bland reviews. According to the internet reviews I researched the toddler trampoline cost is worth it because of the additional safety and fun it provides for children of all young ages. It is perfect for those who need sensory input and offers a handle for children shorter than their peers.

Bazoongi 48 Bouncer.

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