This Organic Weed Killer Destroys Plant Tissue Safely In Hours

Tired of seeing weeds all over your yard? Prep your outdoor area for the spring and summer with Burnout Weed and Grass Killer from St. Gabriel Organics. Made of clove oil and other food grade ingredients, this formula works better than harsh chemicals and is safe for kids and pets. It’s also gentle on the environment and available in a convenient 32 ounce formula that provides a gallon of cleaning solution. Simply apply the organic weed killer on weeds such as dandelion, pigweed and foxtail, and you’ll see results within 3 hours. The weeds will die off and a second shot of the solution will take the plants out down to the roots.

The Positives
Online ratings are positive and consumers love how efficient the organic weed killer works. Best of all, the Burnout Weed Killer takes out the weeds at the roots so that they don’t come back year after year! More importantly, consumers were able to de-weed their yards while allowing their pets and kids to play outdoors.

The Negatives
Some consumers found that the safe weed killer worked best on young weeds compared to old ones, which still needed to be removed by hand.

So What’s The Scoop?
The active ingredients with this natural weed killer are 30% citric acid and 18% clove oil, so you never have to worry about harming animals, kids or the environment; a true advantage compared to other weed killers on the market. Overall, this is a must-have product to have on-hand that makes it possible to take care of weeds without slowing the family down!

Organic Weed Killer.

Burnout Weed Grass Killer.

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