Thermos Nissan 14 Ounce Leak Proof Insulated Travel Mug

With travel, quick mornings, trips in and out of the car or just desiring your pippin hot or ice cold beverage to stay that way, these days one needs a leak proof, well insulated container that fits into most vehicle cup holders. It’s a tall order for any insulated travel mug to fit, but most would agree the Thermos Nissan Leak Proof Insulated Travel Mug is garnering lots of praise and positive reviews for doing just that. The Thermos Nissan Travel Mug is virtually unbreakable stainless steel interior and leak proof sealable exterior has your back. The Thermos Travel Mug is topped off with a ergonomically soft touch padded handle that doesn’t leave water rings.

That’s a mouth full, but just know that the rubberized part is cool to the touch even when filled with the hottest of liquids. These features are great, but does it fit into your car holders? Well it’s been designed to fit into the vast majority of cars so that it lives up to the travel part of the product name.

The Positives
Keeps beverages hot for 1 hour or cold for several hours. Fits most vehicle drink-holders (2-3/4-inch bottom). Lightweight, virtually unbreakable and stopper twists tight to prevent leakage. Best insulated travel mug has soft rubber inset inside handle for comfort. Lightweight mug makes hot coffee, tea, or chocolate available on the road.

The Negatives
Some wanted a bigger mug size for longer trips. One reviewer didn’t want any plastic parts in the container.

So What’s The Scoop?
Super easy cleaning, rubberized grip and handle and a robust 5 year warranty, this is not your granddad’s thermos.

Best Insulated Travel Mug.

Thermos Nissan Travel Mug.

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