The 31 Hang Up Home Organizer Is Worth The Money

This 31 Hang Up Home Organizer comes in 4 different prints: Black Cross Pop, Party Punch, Say It Taupe and Woodblock Floral. It is the ultimate way to organize your home. Easy to hang on a wall or on a door. A great way to organize a calendar, note cards, homework and more. Lots of compartments for papers. One dry-erase marker included. Hooks not included. Create To-Do lists or grocery lists, calendar of events, and even sort papers to file. The Hang Up Home Organizer comes with two clear PVC note card sleeves, two large clear PVC packets, two grommets for easy hang-up, four pockets with clear PVC pocket labels, and holds three markers.

The Positives
Customers talked about how easy it was to hang up the organizer and how pretty it looked hanging on the wall instead of looking at a bunch of papers on a desk. Another aspect that the customers liked were that there are a lot of pockets.

The Negatives
One of the biggest things that the customers did not like according to reviews is that the white board isn’t an actual white board. The white board is actually a white piece of cardboard inside a clear protector that serves as a white board.

So What’s The Scoop?
I feel this product is worth the money for someone who wants to stay organized without looking at a boring planner. It is perfect for a stay at home, or working, mom or even college students. The 31 Hang Up Home Organizer is the perfect gift for a growing family or a college student who is just out on their own.



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