Boil 7 Cups In 5 Minutes With The T Fal Vitesse 1.7L Electric Kettle

How does it sound to be bring 1 cup of cold water to a rolling boil in just about one minute? How about 7 cups to a boil in five minutes? This is accomplished by 1750 watts of electric power that allows this high-speed T-Fal Vitesse 1.7L Electric Kettle to boil water for your favorite instant coffee, tea, tasty hot chocolate and soups in record time. To ensure that the water doesn’t boil away, the T-Fal Cordless Electric Kettle unit is smart enough to shut off automatically once the water achieves a full boil. Another convenient feature is the corded power base that allows cordless pouring which makes it easy to serve friends and family at fun gathering.

The exterior is a hard, gleaming plastic that thankfully cleans up quite easily. The kettle is nicely plump and features a clear water level window on both sides, so no matter if your right and left handed you get a clear visual indicator. To round off the many features this T-Fal electric tea kettle has, the cord will wind up inside the dock which hides the cord when not boiling water. Now you can enjoy your favorite hot beverages within 5 minutes or even quicker with less than 7 cups needed!

The Positives
1750-watt high-speed kettle boils 7 cups of water in just 5 minutes. On/off button located on handle and boil-dry protection with automatic shut-off. Variable temperature control and lifts off corded power base for cordless pouring. Exterior water-level indicators, concealed heating element and anti-scale filter. T Fal electric tea kettle is ideal for instant coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

The Negatives
The four foot cord was not long enough for one reviewer. Some prefer stainless steel to plastic with containers.

So What’s The Scoop?
Most T-Fal Electric Kettle owners reported they liked the variable temperature control along with the corded power base for cordless guest pouring.

Cordless Electric Kettle.

T-Fal Electric Tea Kettle.

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