Sonicare Replacement Heads Offer Optimum Cleaning Performance

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is something all of us strive for. Having and using a good quality electric toothbrush can aid people in their quest for a healthy, clean and fresh mouth. Sonicare is a name that’s pretty well known when it comes to toothbrushes and dental care. To ensure the best results from their electric toothbrushes, it’s recommended that the head of the toothbrush be changed every six months. In order to fulfill this, Sonicare offers these Elite, or E-Series, replacement brush heads. These Sonicare replacement heads come in packs of two, which equals out to a year’s worth of supply for the average consumer.

They are meant to be used with Sonicare’s Advance, Elite and Essence series’ handles. The replacement heads feature extra soft bristles that are both contoured and tapered plus an angled neck that’s designed to reach those areas in the mouth that are a bit more difficult to get to.

Combined with Sonicare’s handles, these replacement heads help form an electric toothbrush that will deliver a gentle yet thorough cleaning. Consumers providing reviews of these Sonicare replacement heads online overall seemed to like this product and how it performed.

The Positives
Compatible with Sonicare advance, elite and essence series handles. Sonicare elite brush heads offer tapered, extra-soft contoured bristles. Slim angled neck reaches hard-to-clean areas. Package includes 2 or 3 E-Series replacement brush heads. Brush heads should be replaced every three months.

The Negatives
Moisture can seep into the screw on assembly part of the brush. A lot of consumers feel that these elite brush heads are on the pricey side.

So What’s The Scoop?
There did tend to be a lot of discussion surrounding the price of the Sonicare replacement heads, with a lot of consumers feeling they were on the pricey side. However, consumers did comment on the fact that the electric toothbrush heads lasted the six months they claimed to and also outperformed store brands time and time again.

Sonicare Replacement Head.

Philips Sonicare E Series Replacement Brush Head.

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