Lets Take A Look At The Maxi-Matic Cuisine Small Slow Cooker

If you are a fan of the classic Crock-pot but don’t have the space or the need for a 5 quart slow cooker, take a look at the Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine Slow Cooker. This small slow cooker is the perfect size for singles or for couples with limited counter space. Great for dorm rooms, motor homes or any other small living spaces, this little wonder offers all of the comfort and convenience of slow cooking in a compact model. With a 1½-quart stoneware crock that can be removed for easy serving and clean up, the Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine Slow Cooker features 120 watts of versatile power and a variety of settings.

Take advantage of the defrost setting to make quick work of thawing frozen sauces and stews. The glass lid has been designed with a moisture-locking feature and a knob that stays cool to the touch. The pot itself is equipped with built-in handles to make transporting a breeze. This small slow cooker gets rave reviews from consumers. In addition to appreciating it’s perfect 2 serving capacity, many also mention that it is the ideal size for warming and serving party dips and sauces for buffet style meals.

The Positives
Versatile 120-watt small crock pot with low, high, and defrost settings. Removable 1-1/2-quart stoneware crock doubles as serving dish. Moisture-locking tempered-glass lid with cool-touch knob. Integrated stay-cool side handles allow for safe, easy transport. Measures approximately 8-4/5 by 8-4/5 by 7-2/5 inches.

The Negatives
Some might take issues that the slow cooker has no programming. Reports that the lid is not fitted properly and percolates making a rattling noise.

So What’s The Scoop?
Perhaps the biggest bonus to this little slow cooker is the tiny price tag. At just under $15, it is a bargain and the affordable price range makes it a thoughtful gift for any kitchen enthusiast.

Small Crock Pot.

Mini Slow Cooker.

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