This Sanyo Counter High Small Refrigerator Fits Well In Any Corner

There could be many reasons why someone would want a small refrigerator like this counter-high model from Sanyo, including use in dorm rooms or small living spaces. This unit provides some nice features in an elegant looking package. With this model, you’d be getting a 3 2/3 cubic foot interior and enough space within the door to store 2-liter bottles. Inside the refrigerator boasts a crisper, a vertical can dispenser and shelves that are clear and spill-proof. In addition, the unit also has a freezer that is full-width complete with an ice compartment. Sanyo has also included manual defrost and an adjustable thermostat.

A big draw of this model is as much its style as anything else. The stainless steel reversible door comes complete with an acrylic coating that resists fingerprints and helps maintain a sleek, clean look. Black is the color for both the outside and inside. The top of the small fridge is durable and can double as a serving station or extra counter space and even can contain a twelve ounce spill.

After researching reviews of the product online, it seems the biggest drawback of the small refrigerator freezer is actually getting it to your house unscathed. A number of consumers noted issues with inferior packaging, making for various damages before even plugging the unit in.

The Positives
3-2/3-cubic-foot counter high refrigerator with stainless-steel reversible door. Adjustable thermostat, manual defrost and full-width freezer with ice compartment. Vertical can dispenser, clear spill-proof shelves and door storage for beverages. Smooth back enables placement in most areas and has durable countertop area. Acrylic coat on the stainless steel door eliminates fingerprints and keeps the finish.

The Negatives
The biggest drawback of the unit is actually getting it to your house unscathed. One reviewer said the back of the mini fridge started to freeze up after a year.

So What’s The Scoop?
It seems, that if you can get a model to your door in good shape, you’ll like the functionality and stylishness of these small or mini refrigerators.

Sanyo SR 3770S Counter High Refrigerator.

Small Refrigerator.

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