These MIU Silicone Pot Holders Are Both Flexible And Heat Resistant

Once you get your hands on a set of MIU Silicone Pot Holders, you’ll see what’s been missing from your kitchen! These pot holders are made from silicone, which means they’re super flexible and can be used as trivets, spoon rests or jar openers. Available in 7” sizes and a variety of colors, the silicone is heat resistant and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The holes at the top corner allow the pot holders to be hung on a fridge or side cabinet, or tucked away in a drawer for convenient use. The functionality of silicone pot holders has made them a popular buy in the marketplace, with several different options available.

Similar in design and price are the HotSpot pot holders that have many of the same features. However, reviewers felt that the MIU silicone pot holders were a better buy, as they were far more flexible and slip-resistant than their alternatives. In fact, the MIU pot holders have no negative reviews, and the biggest complaint was that the color description featured online was wrong. Reports online are consistently positive.

Yet reviewers warn that you’ll still want to keep your fabric pot holders nearby, as they will come in handy when handling certain types of pots and pans. Still, the MIU silicone pot holders are convenient for other applications, so you’ll always find use for them.

The Positives
Squares of heat-resistant silicone are flexible enough to be used as pot holders. Can be use as jar opener, spoon rest or trivet and is dishwasher safe. Sturdy enough to serve as trivets and comes in sets of two. Kitchen pot holders available in red, green, blue and and yellow. The food pot holders clean very easily and don’t absorb water.

The Negatives
Complaints from reviewers that color descriptions are not accurate. Since they are made of silicone they are not as flexible as cloth pot holders.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers love the flexibility and durability of these pot holders, as well as their ability to block out heat. Overall, the pot holders are a great buy, as they’re inexpensive and comfortably handle high temperatures.

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