The OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitts Protect From Heat and Steam

Who hasn’t been burned on a hot oven when trying to extract that casserole dish? Sometimes plain oven mitts or potholders just aren’t up to the job – or the heat. That’s where quality silicone oven mitts like this one from the OXO Good Grips line can come in handy. The biggest draw of this mitt is its protection from heat and steam; in fact, it withstands temperature up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Silicone on the outside resists flame and stains while the comfortable and soft multi-layer fabric construction on the inside keeps your hands cool and dry. Gripping items is made easier with the mitt’s non-slip ribbed design that also provides flexibility and dexterity.

Clean up is as easy as wiping the mitt with a damp cloth or tossing it into the washer. Choose the storage method best suited to your kitchen from the provided hook or the embedded magnet within the mitt. Online reviews of this silicone oven mitt were mixed. Some consumers found the glove too large for their hands which made it hard for them to use. Others noted the heat resistant mitt was a bit difficult to maneuver due to its stiffness.

The Positives
Single silicone oven mitt that’s heat safe to 600 degrees F and resistant to flame. Convenient storage with embedded magnet and silicone hanging loop. Unique non-slip silicone rib design improves flexibility and dexterity. Heat resistant gloves have soft, fabric liner for added insulation and comfort. Easy to clean with a damp cloth, machine washable and is stain resistant.

The Negatives
Some owners thought the glove was too large for their hands. Number of owners felt it was a bit difficult to maneuver due to its stiffness.

So What’s The Scoop?
A standout aspect is the 13 inch length of the silicone glove, which is large enough to protect beyond the hand to the wrist and forearm. Overall, all consumers agreed the mitt provided excellent protection from the heat.

Large picture of a oxo good grips silicone oven mitt.

Second large picture of silicone oven mitts.

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