Roku Video Player Instantly Streams Entertainment To Your TV

Millions of Americans pay over $100 a month for the privilege of cable service in their home. Unfortunately cable’s lineup of nearly 800 channels provides only 5-10 useful channels for most viewers, leaving customers throwing money down the drain on a monthly basis. Cut the cord that attaches you to the cable company and pick up a Roku HD player. The Roku Video Player is a small set-top box with a small, easy to navigate remote, and internet connectivity that allows customers to instantly stream movies and TV shows right to their TV. The multiple connectivity options of the Roku allow it to connect easily with any TV, new, old, HD or non-HD.

The streaming media player also includes built in wireless and wired internet connectivity so now anywhere you have high speed internet and a TV, you can watch your favorite shows and movies instantly. Roku customers with an existing Netflix account can watch the entire library of instantly available movies and TV show with no extra charge on their monthly access fee. The Roku HD player also allows access to Amazon on Demand where users can rent or buy their favorite movies for as little as $.99.

The Positives
Sets up in 5 minutes. Simply connect to your TV and to your Internet service. The Roku player box is constantly expanding its library of streaming entertainment. Built-in wireless (extended-range Wireless-N) and wired Internet connectivity. Plays up to 1080p high definition video. Works with any TV. Use your existing subscriptions (like Netflix or Hulu Plus) and on-demand content.

The Negatives
Some had issues with the installation steps of the Roku player. The Roku Streaming Player does not work with all wireless routers. Check to see if your router is supported.

So What’s The Scoop?
While the quality of internet connection available can dampen the enjoyment of the Roku Video Player, most users love the ease of use, reasonable price, and simple setup the Roku offers.

Roku Video Player.

Roku XD Streaming Player 1080p.

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