The Melissa And Doug Food Groups Offers Fun Pretend Play Food

Don’t play with your food, unless, of course, it is pretend play food! The Melissa and Doug Food Groups pretend play food set includes 21 pieces of food representing all 4 basic food groups with each group stored in it’s own separate compartment. With a healthy assortment of fruits and vegetables, dairy, proteins and grains, children can practice assembling well-balanced meals. This set is recommended for kids ages 3 and up. This pretend play food set received high marks from reviewers who appreciated the high quality of the solid wooden pieces of food and the separate wooden crates for storing each food group.

Reviewers mentioned that this set had quickly become a favorite for the young chefs in the family. One major drawback reported with this product was that the paint seems to chip off relatively easily. One parent mentioned that the paint chipped off when she rinsed a piece under water, while another reviewer complained of the paint flaking off after a piece had been dropped.

The Positives
Well-balanced 21-piece food set with all 4 food groups. Play food sets are stored separately. Recommended Age Range 3 Years and up. Mix and match to make a yummy meal. Well-balanced and nutritious pretend food.

The Negatives
Issues of paint flaking off after a piece had been dropped. All the produce is smaller than life-size.

So What’s The Scoop?
This pretend play food seems to be a good bet for those looking for a wooden food set for kitchen-minded kids, but due to the paint concerns, should probably not be given to kids who still have a tendency to put toys in their mouths.

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