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Despite the name French Fries, this tasty treat is almost as American as apple pie. French fries are found in almost every restaurant around the country and are a staple of meals in America’s fast food industry. As tasty as French fries are, people can’t be blamed for wanting to duplicate this treat in their own home. Unfortunately we are often left with over or microwave frozen French fries which just won’t cut it. Those who want the real thing need a Presto ProFry Stainless Steel Deep Fryer. The Presto Deep Fryer is a perfect fit for any home in which French fries or fried treats are a must each week.

In addition to a rugged stainless steel design, this deep fryer also features a powerful immersion element, quick oil preheating and easy recovery feature, an adjustable thermostat and finally a helpful splatter shield. The professional styling of the Presto Stainless Steel Deep Fryer allows for two foods to be deep fried at the same time, or whip up a batch of fries for the whole family to enjoy.

While an overwhelming number of online reviewers found this small deep fryer capable of meeting all their needs, a small handful of consumers had problems with the heating element and struggled to get the oil to the right temperature. Everyone enjoys nice crisp French fries from time to time.

The Positives
12-cup professional-style deep fryer with 2 oblong-shaped baskets. 1800-watt immersion element for quick preheating and fast oil recovery time. Adjustable thermostat, oil-ready indicator light and cover acts as a spatter shield. Heating element and enameled pot remove easily for quick cleanup. Great restaurant taste in a convenient countertop deep fryer size.

The Negatives
Some reviewers struggled to get the oil to the right temperature. Handles do not folder back unlike some home deep fryers on the market.

So What’s The Scoop?
Instead of rushing out to the nearest fast food joint, simply purchase the Presto Deep Fryer and start making your own delicious fried in no time flat.

Presto Deep Fryer Review.

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