Weighmax Postal Scale Is Designed For Weighing Letters And Packages

Whether you run your own home-based business or just find yourself shipping packages and letters on a constant basis, you know the pain involved in making constant trips to the nearest Post Office or UPS Store. Although it may seem like a simple task, going to the Post Office or UPS Store to ship packages and letters is always time consuming. As if driving and parking aren’t enough, when do you ever find a Post Office without a line? Now you can get around this step in the process with a Weighmax postal shipping scale. The postal scale from Weighmax is the perfect tool for your home business or personal shipping needs.

The postal shipping scale is designed to handle packages up to 75 lbs and has a sensitivity rating of 0.2 ounces. With an on, off, and hold button you can easily get packages and letters weighed, and see the results displayed on the easy to read digital screen. The Weighmax digital postal scale can display weights in both pounds/ounces and kilograms/grams, and comes with one 9V battery and an A/C adapter.

The self-employed will find a variety of postal scales for use at home available on the market, but this model from Weighmax provides the highest weight scale available with others topping out around 55 lbs maximum. Most online reviewers found the Weighmax postal shipping scale to be a great product, but it was not without its detractors.

The Positives
Convenient fold up stand allows you to easily weigh oversize envelopes and tubes. WeighMax 75 lbs postal scales were designed for weighing letters and packages. Auto off feature to save battery with lifetime warranty. Measuring units include pounds, ounces, kilograms and grams. Feature mode switching, tare and hold buttons for your convenience.

The Negatives
A handful of individuals had defective units that lasted less than two months. Among those who experienced issues with their model, the most common problem was the unit never turning back on or displaying “LO” on the LCD display screen and not weighing.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you run your own home business and do a lot of shipping, a postage scale is a great investment to save time and money. The Weighmax Postal Shipping Scale would be an excellent addition to your home office.

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Weighmax 75LB Postal Shipping Scale.

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