A Postage Scale That Is Both Accurate And Easy To Use

Tired of mailing out packages and letters at the postal office, only to find that the shipping costs are much higher than you expected? With the Weighmax Postal Scale, you can mail packages from the convenience of your home and know exactly what the cost is going to be. Great for home offices, this postage scale has an accuracy of .2 ounces and weighs everything from packages to first class letters. It features tare, mode switching and hold buttons, and the auto-hold keeps the weight in place even after the item is removed. Use the Weighmax scale with batteries or an outlet in your home or office.

Ratings from owners are near perfect, as this digital postage scale is known for being very accurate and easy to use. It can hold up to 75 pounds and has plenty of features, all at an affordable price. Another product to choose from is the UltraShip Postal Scale, which has the same tare and hold buttons and comes at a similar price. However, consumers had some issues with this postal scale, as a handful of product owners found the scale to be 1-2 ounces off.

With this unreliability, consumers have put their trust in the accuracy of the Weighmax. There are a few negative reviews regarding the quality of the weighing scale, as several product owners received their scales not working. Fortunately, customers were able to receive a full refund or exchange the product for a new one.

The Positives
Postal shipping scale include pounds, ounces, kilograms and grams. Electronic postage scale features mode switching, tare and hold buttons. Auto off feature to save battery with lifetime warranty. Convenient fold up stand allows you to easily weigh oversize envelopes and tubes. WeighMax 75 lbs postal scales were designed for weighing letters and packages.

The Negatives
Issues with displaying “Error” on the LCD display screen and not weighing. Handful of individuals had defective units that lasted less than two months.

So What’s The Scoop?
Not only do product owners rely on its precision, but the postage scale is enjoyed for its small and convenient qualities and being able to weigh heavier items. With the exception of a few faulty scales, this Weighmax digital scale is a dependable way to determine postage on all sizes of packages and letters.

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