Power Your Laptop On-the-Go With This Portable Solar Generator

This portable solar power generator offered through Perigee Power Solutions is a wonderful product that offers a range of practical features. It’s ideal for people who are on-the-go or travel a lot and want to use electronic devices. For example, if you enjoy camping but still want access to your laptop, this portable generator is the perfect solution. It can also be used around the house to power small appliances such as coffee pots or lamps, which is great during emergencies. The solar power generator includes everything you need and it can be used right out of the box. It ships with a 5 watt 12 volt multicrystalline silicon PV solar panel and has a dual AC outlet.

The generator features easy-to-read LED lights that let you know the condition of the battery, charging state and AC power. It’s weatherproof, too! On average, the generator powers smaller appliances for 3 hours without light and indefinitely when it draws energy from the sun. And with the handy DC out port, you can plug in any devices that have a cigarette-type plug. With the portability and lightweight size of this generator, you can have your favorite electronic devices whenever you need them.

The Positives
To date, this product has no negative reviews and consumers feel good about purchasing the solar powered generator. It’s a good investment and one that is backed by a reliable manufacturer that offers quality products that are rigorously tested before being shipped out. Reviewers like that the generator is small and compact, easy to take with to the park and successfully powers small appliances around the home. And with renewable batteries and a solar panel, you can enjoy this product that’s gentle on the environment, too.

The Negatives
After researching this product in depth, I can say that at this time, there is nothing negative about this product. Not only has it received great reviews and offers a quality, well-thought out design, but customer service stands behind the product. The only factor that I would be aware of is that this is a product powered by the sun, so it’s best to have direct sunlight when using it. If not, the generator will only work for approximately 3 hours before it needs to be charged again.

So What’s The Scoop?
I would highly recommend this portable solar generator, especially as it can be upgraded with solar panel expansion kits from Perigee. It’s simply one of the most reliable on the market, even when compared to Xantrex and Sunforce products. Most importantly, reviewers felt their money was well-spent and enjoyed investing in an eco-friendly product that will not only stand the test of time, but have room for growth.

Portable Solar Generator.

Portable Solar Power Generator Basic Kit.

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