Haier Portable Dishwasher Is A Solid Performing Tabletop Dishwasher

If you don’t have a dishwasher in your home or apartment, don’t think you have to wash all your dishes by hand. With the Haier portable dishwasher, you can enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher anywhere you’d like. This unit fits compactly on a counter or tabletop and accommodates up to four place settings. The electronic touch pad includes three wash cycles, and other highlights include a drain pump and filtration system. To use the portable dishwasher, there is a quick sink-connect option or a fixed-installation option, and when not in use, you can store the dishwasher in a cabinet or closet.

Although there are several portable dishwashers on the market, many cost hundreds of dollars, while the Haier model comes at an affordable price. Some consumers have debated over the EdgeStar Portable Dishwasher that has a similar cost, a 4-place setting capacity and stainless steel interior and spray arm. However, many consumers have complained about the size of the dishwasher, saying that it’s not capable of holding standard-sized plates.

The Positives
Sleek, modern designed small dishwasher features a stainless-steel spray arm and a tub that won’t chip, crack, or rust. Also sports electronic touch-pad controls, 3 automatic wash cycles and drain pump. Lastly the 50 pound countertop dishwasher installs easily with a quick sink-connect or a fixed-installation options.

The Negatives
There have been some complaints about the dishwasher leaking, but online reviewers recommend using a wrench to tighten the drain pump and then wriggling the pipes so that extra water can drain into a pan. Lastly, some reviewers felt the tabletop dishwasher didn’t clean as thoroughly as one would desire.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Haier Tabletop Dishwasher has received great reviews, and customers love how well it cleans, the large capacity and the reasonable cost, making it one of the most affordable portable dishwashers on the market. Overall, this is an excellent dishwasher for singles and couples who would like to free up time from washing dishes by hand.

Edgestar Portable Countertop Dishwasher.


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    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Portable Dishwasher review! Here’s the manufacturer link for the Haier HDC1804TW 4-Place-Setting Tabletop Dishwasher.

  2. Marie McCarthy says:


    I have one of your 4 place settings dishwasher and would like to know where I might purchase a seal for the bottom of the door as mine leaks.


    Marie McCarthy

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