Pore Refining Mask From Burt’s Bees Uses French Green Clay

Burt’s Bees Healthy Treatment Pore Refining Mask is a 100% natural pore refining mask that contains French green clay. This deep cleaning mask removes many impurities from the pores while depositing moisturizing minerals and making the skin’s texture appear smoother and more refined. With a unique blend of herbal ingredients, this mask claims to nourish and renew, leaving a glowing complexion. Burt’s Bees does warn users to perform a skin patch test before use to test for allergic reactions. The box also warns that skin may appear red directly after use due to increased circulation, this effect is said to subside in a matter of minutes.

This mask is in powder form, allowing the user to mix the amount they require with water before application to create a thick paste. One helpful tip from a reviewer of the Burt’s Bees Healthy Treatment Pore Refining Mask was to use half the amount of powder that the directions ask for.

The Positives
Burt’s Bees pore refining mask with French green clay deeply cleanses pores. It draws out impurities while remineralizing and refining the skin’s texture. An assortment of carefully selected powdered herbs stimulate and nourish. Helps tp renew your complexion leaving you radiant and glowing. Burt’s Bees Mask increases circulation on the surface of your skin.

The Negatives
Some have mentioned that this dry clay can take up to 30 minutes to dry. Those with sensitive skin might find this clay mask a bit to dry and harsh.

So What’s The Scoop?
Most who had reviewed this product enjoyed the results, claiming that their complexion felt softer and looked clearer after use. Overall, this mask receives favorable reviews and is recommended for home pampering when a trip to the spa is not in the budget.

Refining Mask.

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