Peter Thomas Roth’s 24K Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter: Is it Worth Your Money?

Peter Thomas Roth’s 24K Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter is a thick mixture of honey, kasturi turmeric, chamomile butter, and of course 24k gold. This cleanser starts out as a butter whilst in it’s container, but once you begin warming it up with your hands and applying it to your face- it turns to an oil consistency. This product also comes with a vegetable sponge that softens once wet, and helps rub in the butter.

The Positives
I love the look of this product! In the container the butter has a beautiful golden, glowing appearance, and even when you apply it to your face it remains that same color. The smell is also quite lovely- most likely due to the chamomile butter. Now that I’ve mentioned it, I love how the hydrating properties of this cleanser don’t cause acne! Honey, chamomile, and turmeric, are actually great ingredients for acne treatment. Another positive of this product is that you need very little to get the job done- and for this price you need to get every use out of it as you can.

The Negatives
Firstly, I’m not the biggest fan of the root sponge- it says to replace it every 3 months, but unless you want to use an oddly shaped, shriveled-up sponge- I suggest you purchase a new one monthly. So because I dislike having to deal with the sponge, I gave the product a go with my Clarisonic. I would say that works better, but it makes the Clarisonic brush look grody even after a thorough washing. Beyond problems with the application, I would say this is a nice cleanser, is it worth the cost though?

So What’s The Scoop?
Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter is a moisturizing, glowing tub of aromatherapy. Does it work? Yes. Is it expensive? Yes. Do I suggest purchasing this product? Well, maybe. This product is lovely, I love the ingredients, the scent, and the appearance; however, I would say it doesn’t do a deep enough cleanse for my taste. If you have rough, dry skin- definitely give this cleanser a whirl, but if you are purely an oily skin kind of person, I suggest save the money and buy yourself a skin-type specific cleanser.



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