Create A Breakfast Feast With This Pancake Griddle From Presto

The Pancake Griddle from Presto will let you cook up some pancakes as well as eggs, bacon or whatever else you’d want for a complete breakfast. This model will also provide a cooking space for lunch and dinner fare such as hamburgers and grilled sandwiches. The 1500 watt pancake griddle features a large and flat nonstick cooking surface, and its construction from heavy cast aluminum helps to evenly distribute heat and resist warping. A groove runs along one side to remove excess grease from cooking food and deposits it into a removable container. A neat feature is the removable heat control; which allows unit whole unit to be submerged into water for cleaning.

As mentioned above, the surface features a premium, professional nonstick surface which makes clean up easier and negates the use of excess fats for cooking. Be warned, however, that this is a large cooking unit (22 inches) that might present storage issues to some. Online reviews are a mixed bag. Some reviewers felt the electric griddle did not heat evenly as its feature highlights claim resulting in burnt or undercooked food. Other reviewers raved about the size of the surface, saying it is great for large families. Overall, the unit received a positive rating with most reviewers stating the griddle cooked well.

The Positives
22-inch heavy cast aluminium skillet heats evenly and resists warping. Premium professional quality nonstick finish inside and out. Smooth cooking surface features a grease groove and removable drip pan. Fully submersible in soapy water when heat control is removed. This griddle requires very little grease, thereby producing healthier food.

The Negatives
Larger 22 inch size might present storage issues for some. Some reviewers felt the griddle did not heat as evenly as one would desire.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, these pancake griddles appear to be a good bet for large families or those cooks who need to produce large quantities of food.

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