Orbit Water Timer Is A Feature Rich Hose Timer That Is Easy To Install

Everyone envies the home on their block with beautifully landscaped gardens and a healthy, green yard. Not everyone has the time unfortunately to maintain such a beautiful exterior to their home, and watering is often one of the most overlooked functions. Homeowners have the best intentions of ensuring their yard and garden are well watered, but life is full of distractions and watering can easily be missed. Thanks to the Orbit Water Timer though, remembering to water is a thing of the past. The Orbit Water Timer connects to any outdoor hose and allows homeowners to easily set up watering times for the yard..

The system comes with the standard 3/4″ hose connection, an easy to read digital readout, and even a removable controller for easy programming. The design of the unit is waterproof, making it safe to leave connected at all times. The Orbit Water Timer even allows for manual turn on to give the flexibility of quick watering. Although some users have struggled with units that did not last long or created low pressure, the majority of Orbit Water Timer users love the reliability of the unit.

The Positives
Easy to install to any outdoor hose faucet. Battery-operated automatic water. Standard 3/4-inch and 3/4-inch BSP (international). Water-resistant design. Removable controller can be programmed.

The Negatives
The water on and off valve has been reported to get stuck. Some have reported that the water can drip on the downstream side.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many found the Orbit digital watering timer was the best water timing device on the market and found the unit worth the slightly higher cost compared to competitors.

Orbit 62001 Lawn And Garden Digital Watering Timer.

Orbit Watering Timer.

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