These Handy Clean And Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets Actually Work

Product review of oil absorbing sheets.

It’s not even lunch time, and the oil you washed away during this morning’s routine is back with a vengeance. Washing your face or rubbing at it with paper towels doesn’t do much more than get rid of your carefully applied make up. This is where Clean & Clear’s Oil Absorbing Sheets can come in handy – and come to the rescue! This nifty little sheets do exactly what their name implies: they remove excess oil from the face. A great thing about these oil absorbing sheets are that they remove that pesky oil from the face without removing, smudging or messing up any make up. Each sheet is softer than paper and they are very gentle on the face.

This allows you to get into the small, tight area around noses with ease. As they contain no medication, they can be used as needed throughout the day, every day. Another great thing is the fact that these Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets are small and can easily fit in any bag to go virtually anywhere. There were numerous reviews on this product on the web, and they were pretty much all positive.

However, it should be noted that some people felt the need the use them consistently throughout the day. In other words, they removed the oil with a sheet, then a few hours needed to use another sheet. These same people, as did everyone else, felt the product still performed well.

Instantly soak up excess oil and remove shine from face. Soft, silky the oil absorbing paper won’t smudge makeup. Softer than paper, these silky sheets leave your skin feeling refreshed. Remove facial oil without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder.

Some reviewers felt the oil control only lasted 1-2 hours and was not worth the price. This product does contain mineral oil that can lead some users to breakouts.

People who’ve tried these oil absorbing sheets and weighed in their opinions on them felt they did remove oil without removing anything else from their face.

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