Mylec Deluxe Goal Set Provides A Fun Street Hockey Experience

Each summer evening the streets of Anytown, USA are filled with children playing games in the hours after dinner and before sunset. Ditching their Xbox 360’s and Playstation 3’s, kids flood neighborhood streets to play basketball, soccer, football, baseball, and hockey with their friends and neighbors. While most of these sports require little to no equipment purchase, hockey is a different story. Kids need balls, sticks and a set of goals. While some industrious kids might make their own, for those lacking the skills there is the Mylec Deluxe Goal Set. So what are some features that set this mini goal set apart?

This hockey goal set is constructed of PVC tubing and features a sleeve netting system that can be threaded onto the tubing in a matter of minutes. While the unit measures 48″ by 37″, it folds up for convenient storage in the garage or basement. The Mylec mini hockey goal set includes one goal, one hockey ball, and two sticks. There are a variety of competing units for sale on the market. Other sets include two goals but no sticks or balls, while still other sets include only one goal but are constructed of steel instead of PVC.

The vast majority of online reviewers were happy with the Mylec Deluxe Goal Set, but a handful of users found problems with the goal set. A number of users complained that the net included with the set hung loosely around the entire frame of the goal. Other reviewers found the PVC construction to be flimsy and difficult to fold for storage, especially during and after use in cold weather.

The Positives
Kids hockey goal set has high impact PVC tubing that folds for easy storage. Includes 1 goal, 2 43″ Jet Flo Sticks and on no bounce hockey ball. Mylec Deluxe Goal Set sleeve netting system assembles in minutes. Sticks included with this set are scaled to the ages 6-12. Mini hockey nets overall size is 48″ x 37″.

The Negatives
One reviewer said the net included with the set hung loosely around the frame. Some comments that the PVC construction is flimsy and is difficult to fold.

So What’s The Scoop?
While the Mylec Deluxe Goal Set may not be well designed for use in colder climates, for those who need a good summer, spring or fall distraction for their kids, there is no better option than this fun and easy goal set.

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Mylec Deluxe Goal Set.

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