This Mini Stair Stepper Offers A Solid Workout In A Small Package

If you want to stay in shape, but have a list a mile long as to why gym workouts aren’t right for you (e.g., “too far to drive,” “I hate sweating in public,” etc.), the Stamina InStride Electonic Stepper just might be your fitness dream come true. You can place this 12×16 inch battery-powered mini stair stepper in front of the TV and pump your legs while watching your favorite reality show, or take it to the office for a quick workout before your afternoon coffee break. The Stamina InStride Electronic Stepper comprises two hydraulic cylinders, giving you the same cardio, toning and fat-burning workout you’d get at a gym.

It also features textured pedals for stability, and a timer and step-counting device to help you meet your exercise goals. That said, this mini stair stepper has been reported to squeak a lot, requiring a steady supply of WD40. And weighing in at twenty pounds, the machine is on the heavy side, despite its small stature.

The Positives
Electronic stair stepper that takes up a mere 192 square inches of space. Small enough to fit in a corner, in front of the TV, or in a travel bag. Includes two hydraulic cylinders create stepping motion to boost cardio. Battery-operated fitness monitor times each workout and counts steps. Measures 12 inches wide by 16 inches long and weighs 20 pounds.

The Negatives
A reviewer mentioned that it made a squeaky noise after 30 minutes of use. This portable stair stepper build quality was questioned by a number of reviewers.

So What’s The Scoop?
Additionally, parts on this mini stair stepper have been known to break with normal wear-and-tear, however Stamina offers a one-year warranty on the InStride Electronic Stepper’s steel frame, and a 90-day warranty on all other parts.

Stamina Instride Electronic Stepper.

Stair Stepper Machine.

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