Mini Greenhouse With 4 Tier Shelves For Deck, Patio, Or Balcony

Ask anyone who has ever gardened and they will likely tell you how enjoyable it is to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home. Whether you plant fruits and veggies, or prefer to grow a wide variety of flowers you are no doubt familiar with the sometimes limited growing season. With the help of the Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse you can turn the tables on Mother Nature and extend the growing season of your favorite plants. This mini greenhouse from Gardman features steel tubular construction with a four tier shelving system inside. Each shelf offers 12 1/2 inches of space making them ideal for initial seed growth and small plant display.

The system also includes a clear plastic cover with zipper access to make getting in and out easy, while also capturing the heat of the sun for your plants. An optional fleece cover helps protect plants down to temperatures of -8 degrees Fahrenheit. Many different companies offer mini and full size greenhouse for use with a home garden. That being said, there are few that fall into the mini category, making Gardman’s 4-tier greenhouse one a few options for compact greenhouses around the home.

The Positives
Four tier mini greenhouse with 4 sturdy shelves for deck, patio, or balcony which is ideal for seed propagation and plant growing and display. Polypropylene construction ensures years of reliable use and won’t fade or crack. A fleece cover keeps plants alive when temperatures bottom out at -8 degrees F.

The Negatives
Although the majority of online reviewers gave the Gardman garden greenhouse five stars, a large number of users were unimpressed with the unit. All of the negative reviews focused on the cheap construction of the greenhouse. Major complaints included cheap parts breaking during assembly, loose fit of support poles, and wobbly construction. A large number of users reported problems with the wind easily blowing their unit over.

So What’s The Scoop?
A greenhouse can be a great addition to any home garden that can help extend the growing season of your garden. Even with the online owner complaints about the Gardman mini greenhouse, it’s still a solid mini greenhouse that’s a real bargain considering the price.

Gardman R687 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse.

Mini Greenhouse.

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    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Mini Greenhouse review! For those interested, here’s the manufacturer link for the Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse.

  2. Laurie Hagan says:

    I’ve used this product with good results. However, mine could not withstand 65 mph winds so gonna buy another.

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