Under Your Desk Stamina InStride Mini Exercise Bike Delivers

The Stamina InStride Cycle XL is a great workout system that operates as a seatless-exercise bike. Although it may appear different at first glance, the mini exercise bike is small and compact, saving space and money. With the health benefits that cycling has to offer, this mini exercise bike is a great way to improve health while being able to use the bike anywhere. The design ditches the seat, making this machine super portable and easy to use. To use the mini exercise bike, simply sit in a chair or lie on the floor, slip the feet through the pedals and cycle away. The rubber straps lock the feet in so that you have a secure grip the entire workout.

Plus you have option to pedal in forward or backward positions. If you feel tired, you can rest your legs and slip your arms through the machine instead, giving your upper body a workout as well. Although the compact exercise bike has great reviews, many of them are mixed with product owners at both ends of the spectrum.

Online reviews agree that the portable exercise bike is easy to use and perfect for quick cardiovascular workouts, especially with the portability of the machine. However, some online reviews have had trouble with the bike, saying that it has a poor design and lacks durability.

The Positives
Seat less-exercise cycle with electric progress monitor. Sturdy rubber straps hold feet or hands for full-body workout. Mini cycle exercise bike improves cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Non-slip rubber feet and pedal straps keep you in place as exercise. Can pedal forward or reverse to work your muscles in unique ways.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt this under desk exercise bike had issues with poor design and lacking durability. Pedal radius is 4″ which may not be enough range of motion for some.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, these mini exercise bikes are a great buy, perfect for short workouts that are intended to strengthen the body, lower the metabolism and increase flexibility.

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