McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace Actually Breathes For Cooler Comfort

Ask any athlete and they are likely to tell you that one of the most annoying injuries that can strike is an ankle issue. Whether it’s a rolled ankle, twisted ankle, or sprained ankle, the result is weakened footing and reduced range of motion. Even worse, ankle injuries have a tendency to become nagging problems that take weeks or months to fully heal. That’s why many trainers and players turn to the McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace for support. The McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace is made of two layer mixture of poly/vinyl mesh material and spring steel stays. Getting one of these sports ankle brace in the right size is easy as sizing as based upon standard shoe sizes.

Other types of ankle braces available for purchase feature similar designs as well as different designs. The particular brace an individual chooses will depend upon the amount of support needed. The majority of online reviewers found the lace up ankle brace from McDavid to be a great purchase for those in need of ankle support.

Ankle injuries can be extremely difficult to overcome, and even worse it seems that for many once the ankle has been injured it is easier to re-injure in the future. While many individuals found this lace-up design stronger than other slip-on and Velcro strap models, some complained that the McDavid model was too firm.

The Positives
Lace up ankle brace has two layers of poly and vinyl mesh material. Favorite of athletes and trainers to replace tape and help prevent common injuries. Reduced-weight breakthrough actually breathes for cooler comfort. Durable and comfortable and also fits left or right ankle and any style shoe. This sports ankle brace is appropriate for basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer and other sports.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the McDavid ankle brace was too firm when laced up. One reviewer said the brace didn’t seem to support the arch of their foot.

So What’s The Scoop?
This particular athletic ankle brace has long been a favorite of trainers and athletes alike for the stability and support it provides. Protect your ankle and your physical activity levels with a McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace.

Mcdavid Lightweight Ankle Brace.

Mcdavid Ankle Brace.

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