McDavid Ligament Knee Support Provides Therapeutic Heat Retention

Knee injuries have ended the careers of many athletes, from professionals to high school age players. The knee is a vital part of the human machine and when damaged it can alter a player’s ability to perform. Some individuals find their playing careers ended for good with a knee injury, while others are able to overcome and return to their former level of greatness. The McDavid Ligament Knee Support is designed to help athletes overcome knee injuries and return to the playing field. This particular knee support brace features two-sided nylon construction for longevity and 3/16″ thermal neoprene for compression and heat retention.

Additional support is provided in the design from two Velcro straps and four elastic cross-straps. McDavid’s knee brace is a top pick among athletes and trainers everywhere, but the popularity of anyone brace depends on the level of injury an individual is suffering from. This particular McDavid Ligament Knee Support provides a high level of support and protection with steel stays and cross-straps for added support. Online reviewers were pleased overall with the McDavid Ligament Knee Support brace.

No two reviewers seemed capable of finding the same problem with their brace, and those that found problems were mostly isolated to that particular individual. The biggest complaints were a lack of available sizes and tight fits while using the brace.

The Positives
The 3/16″ thermal neoprene provides therapeutic heat retention and compression. Sports knee support offers two sided nylon construction for durability. Two velcro straps and four elastic crossing straps for additional ligament support. Neoprene knee brace with steel stays provides high level of support. Adjustable knee support for basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer and other activities.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the athletic knee support runs small and tight. One reviewer felt the knee support was not as comfortable as it should be.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you have ever injured your knee, you know the lack of confidence that runs through your mind when you return to your favorite activities. Put your mind at ease with the help of a McDavid Ligament Knee Support.

Mcdavid Ligament Knee Support.

Mcdavid Knee Support.

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