Matfer Pelton Spatula Easily Flips Burgers, Sandwiches And Pancakes

The secret is out! This Matfer Pelton Spatula takes a personal spin on the restaurant-grade spatulas that cooks use. If you peek behind the doors of any restaurant or diner, you’ll see the chefs using a spatula shaped just like the Matfer Pelton. This is because these types of spatulas can be slid under two pieces of meat, lifted and flipped within seconds. You don’t have to worry about dropping the food either, as the long body gets right underneath the food and balances it perfectly. With the long air vents, there’s less sticking and the heat resistance is so tough, you can lean this spatula against a hot pan without it melting.

The Matfer Pelton Spatula works out the kinks that other food spatulas have. It has a long, thin body that makes flipping foods a breeze. It has heat resistance up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it won’t melt unlike other plastic spatulas. With its durable qualities, you can also enjoy tossing it in the dishwasher for a quick clean. The unique design and tough construction makes this piece a top choice for serious cooks. Even with all the Matfer Pelton Spatula has to offer, the utensil is comparable in price to any spatula on the market.

Online reviews are positive and product owners call this spatula the best! Even cooking magazines have recommended the product, and reviewers are happy to report that it’s the only spatula they need to use. The only drawback is that the spatula isn’t quite as heat resistant as expected, as some reviewers found the plastic melted even under the 430 degree temperature.

The Positives
Made of polyamide plastic, resistant to temperatures up to 430 degrees. Can slip this spatula under two burgers and lift and flip within seconds. Long body gets under the food and balances it so there’s no drooping and slipping. There’s less sticking, too, thanks to the spatula’s three long air vents. At-home version of the metal spatulas restaurant cooks use daily.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the plastic fish spatula isn’t quite as heat resistant as expected. One reviewer felt it was not the most sleek or stylish utensil in the kitchen.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, the cooking spatula is a great buy that takes the work out of flipping foods in one piece!

Matfer Pelton Spatula.

Matfer Bourgeat Pelton Spatula.

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