This Lotion Applicator Effectively Applys Lotions To The Whole Body

Small product picture of a lotion applicator.

How many times have you tried to apply lotion in those hard-to-reach places, only to find that it’s far too difficult? The Kingsley Lotion Applicator is the tool for the job, as you can apply lotion, self tanner or medication using this applicator. The 15-inch wooden handle is comfortable to use and will make applying lotions effortless. Best of all, the foam applicator can be reused again and again, making this a useful gadget for all types of personal or medical needs. Simply wash the applicator and reuse with a different lotion or tanner. Since this tool is simplistic in nature, product owners have been impressed with the lotion applicator.


It especially comes in handy for applying Aloe Vera or medications for burned, dry or irritated skin. Another option is the AquaBella Lotion Applicator that is a few dollars cheaper and uses the same ergonomic handle and reusable applicator.

However, more online reviews were satisfied with the Kingsley brand, as they found the sponge to be more absorbing and nurturing to the skin. With all the positive reviews, it was hard to find anything negative about this lotion applicator, with the biggest downfall being that the sponge was a little rough on the skin.

A 15 inch handle allows you scrub all those hard to reach places. Great for applying self-tanner, lotion or medication. Features an ergonomically designed long wooden handle. Foam applicator that can be washed and reused again and again. Reach to clean, rinse paddle in warm, sudsy water and and hang to air dry.

A few reports that the back lotion applicator head was not gentle enough. Is not as effective on the contours of the body as some would like.

Users rave about how easy it is to care for your skin, and many owners have even considered this body lotion applicator to be a necessary item that everyone should own! All in all, this is a great product for applying lotions and creams to places that are otherwise ignored.

Large picture of a kingsley lotion applicator wood handle.
Second large picture of a lotion applicator.

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