12 Piece Libbey Goblet Party Set Is A Sure Hit For Entertaining

Goblets are a wonderful way to add spruce up any ordinary drink, and the Libbey Goblet Party Set has all the features one could hope for. Available in 12 piece sets that feature 16 ounce capacities, the goblets are made from sturdy glass and are perfect for entertaining. They can hold anything from water to wine and are just the right touch for dinner parties or holidays. With the durability and affordability of the goblets, you can choose to use them every day, or simply pack them away for special occasions. Since goblet glasses add a formal touch to the dinner table, they are often made from reputable crystal glass manufacturers, such as Lenox or Mikasa.

Although these brands are well-known for their quality dishware, customers were happier with the Libbey brand. Instead of four glasses, the set comes with 12 and costs less than both Lenox and Mikasa. Customers also prefer the design of the goblets, as they feature thick glass and stems. And, you can toss them in the dishwasher without worry!

Product owners are happy to report their positive experiences with the Libbey Goblet Party Set, which has received 5-star reviews from all customers. The only drawback is that since they’re not made with crystal, they don’t have a crystal-like appearance as other fine goblets do. Yet this is also their greatest feature, which keeps the cost down and adds to their durability.

The Positives
Contains 12 ounce goblets that can be used for water, wine and iced tea. Great for everyday use like casual entertaining or a day on the porch. Pack in the convenient storage box that they come in until the next party. Water, wine and iced tea goblets are all dishwasher safe. Classic goblets have 16 ounce capacity and are made in the USA.

The Negatives
Some may not like that this goblet drinkware is not made with crystal. The glass drinking goblets lack the crystal-like appearance as other fine goblets have.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many of the reviewers use the Libbey Goblet Set on a regular basis. Even with their heavy use, the goblets stand the test of time and continue to look like-new.

Libbey 12 Piece Goblet Party Set.

Libbey Goblet Party Set.

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