This Toro Leaf Vacuum Offers Superior Suction And Airflow

The leaves of Fall are among Mother Nature’s most beautiful showcases. Each year as the warm Summer months give way to Fall, the leaves on millions of trees turn from green to yellow, orange, and red. The brilliant showcase of color is short-lived though and soon those beautiful displays are nothing more than a nuisance cluttering your lawn. Clean up can be back breaking labor, but not if you have the Toro Electric Blower/Vacuum. This Toro Leaf Vacuum model is a 3-in-1 unit that offers leaf blowing, vacuuming, and shredding. The lawn leaf vacuum has a 12-amp motor and infinite variable speed system provides up to 235 mph of air flow.

The leaf vacuum shredder includes a metal impeller makes shredding leaves easy, and an electronic cord lock keeps the unit plugged in at all times. Toro’s blower vac comes with a power unit, blower tubes, vacuum tubes, and vacuum bag included. There are a variety of leaf blowers available on the market, but few of them offer the flexibility and power of the Toro leaf vacuum shredder. Online reviewers were thrilled by the Toro Variable-Speed Electric Vacuum, but a few reviewers had negative experiences with the unit.

The Positives
Includes a blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder makes completing yard work easy. The quick release latch lets you convert your blower into a vacuum in seconds. The serrated metal blades on the impeller shred leaves and debris into fine mulch. Leaf vacuum mulcher can reduce 16 bags’ worth of leaves to one bag. This yard vac offers air speeds up to 235 mph and air volume up to 255 cfm.

The Negatives
The biggest complaints from these individuals included a short life span on the unit and a lack of true variable speed control. The zipper on the bag attachment is reported to be prone to snapping apart. Reports of hand fatigue due to excessive vibration of this leaf vacuum blower.

So What’s The Scoop?
Despite a few drawbacks with the Toro Leaf Vacuum, anyone with leaves to clean from their yard each Fall will find their money well spent on the Toro Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum.

Toro 51599 Electric Blower Vacuum Metal Impeller.

Leaf Vacuum.

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