The Kuhn Rikon Can Opener Safely and Easily Removes Can Lids

Tired of cutting yourself on the edges of lids and cans? The Kuhn Rikon Can Opener will make this task stress-free! This 7-inch tool features a stainless steel handle and an ergonomic turn knob. The Safety LidLifter simply cuts underneath the rim into the can so that there are never any uneven edges to work with. Plus, the blade never touches the food and instead of having the lid drop back into the can, it lifts up and can be tossed in the garbage! The great thing about the Kuhn Rikon can opener is that anyone can benefit from it, making it a useful tool in every kitchen. What other ways can this deluxe lid lifter serve you?

While you can use it for everyday cooking and canning, pet owners especially love it for resealing dog and cat food. When shopping around for a lid lifter, you’ll find that Kuhn Rikon is a name synonymous with high quality kitchen gadgets and they deliver when it comes to comfortable, easy-to-use lid lifters. And, with all the colors to choose from, it’s easy to accessorize with the rest of your kitchen gadgets!

So what are consumers saying about this safety can opener? Some users report that they’ve found metal pieces in the can however, which is most likely part of the glue ring that comes loose. By making sure the can lies flat and giving the handle a small turn in the opposite direction before pulling off the lid helps avoid this from happening.

The Positives
Safely and easily removes lids, leaving a smooth edge that is suitable for resealing. Ergonomic handle is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Great for resealing dog and cat food cans or even coffee cans. Manual can opener cuts from the side leaving the rim smooth, not sharp or jagged. LidLifter jaws clamp on to remove lid from can and then releases into trash.

The Negatives
One reviewer felt this safety can opener model didn’t turn as easily as previous Kuhn Rikon openers. An owner complained that the turning knob broke off upon using it.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviews are positive across the board for the Kuhn Rikon Can Opener and most report that they enjoy the ease of the turn wheel and the fact that they don’t have to deal with jagged edges.

Kuhn Rikon Auto Deluxe Safety Lid Lifter.

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