Koolatron KWC-25 Coca Cola 28 Can Capacity Portable Fridge

Honestly, this is really fun and interesting product to review. How many times have you been camping, in a game room, in the garage working or even in your office and you desire to have your favorite tasty beverage close by that’s completely chilled and ready to be consumed? If it be your favorite pop, soda (whichever word you use), tea, lemonade, energy drink or just some healthy and refreshing water, you can store it in this portable mini fridge and enjoy them at your leisure. Do know that cans store the best and a full 28 12 ounce cans fit in this bad boy, but just about any beverage can find a cozy home in this frozen tundra.

Alright, so let’s get to the working details. You have front-access controls that allow for easy temperature adjusting with simply a push of a button, plus they added an LED read-out that allows your to see the internal temperature with just a quick glance. On top of that is a thermoelectric cooling system that performs quietly, with none of that loud compressor style vibration.

The Positives
Countertop refrigerator chills up to 28 12-ounce cans of soda. Simple, front-access, push-button controls with LED read-out. Thermoelectric cooling system; adjustable temperature settings. Self-locking recessed door handle; front viewing window. This Portable Fridge can holds up to twenty-eight 12-ounce.

The Negatives
The personal fridge needs a cool ventilated area to perform at peak efficiency. Even at 28 cans, it may not be enough storage from some heavy soda drinkers.

So What’s The Scoop?
As far as the ability to cool your beverage, this Koolatron Portable Fridge can get down to a 35 degrees F below ambient temperature and will keep your favorite beverages chilled and ready for you to enjoy.

Koolatron Portable Fridge.

Koolatron Refrigerator.

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