This Red KitchenAid Can Opener Is A Heavy Duty Manual Can Opener

The KitchenAid Company guarantees a hassle-free refund or replacement policy on the back of the can opener packaging. In the online user reviews I read, there are people who have tried-out this guarantee to see if the company lives up to their claims. They do. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong buying a product that can be replaced if it malfunctions. The KitchenAid manual can openers come in two different styles. Unfortunately, some of the user reviews online seem to be confusing openers so that it is hard to tell exactly which reviews are relevant this Kitchenaid can opener and which one should be disregarded.

The KitchenAid Company produces a lesser-quality red manual can opener that is sold in sets of kitchen utensils. The red can opener that I’m reviewing today is a very heavy-weight workhorse of a product. Every home should have more than one can opener available for all types of emergencies. Normally, a manual can opener can last for many years when it is taken care of properly. Can openers are hand washables that should not be put through the strains of constant dishwashing in a machine. The gentle washing in a sink helps to keep the gear-teeth in alignment so that the cans will always open smoothly.

The Positives
Heavy, sturdy tool for cutting open any size can. 18/8, mirror-finish stainless steel, with stylish, black enamel-like handles. High-carbon, cutlery-grade with stainless-steel cutting blade. Opener’s handles are shaped for a firm grip with proper weight. Lifetime warranty against defects, with 1-year no-hassle and no-cost replacement.

The Negatives
Somewhat pricey for a manual can opener. Some reviewers felt this opener was not up to the Kitchenaid quality standard.

So What’s The Scoop?
The KitchenAid Can Openers are available in red or black and are designed to be a modern easy-to-use can opener in a retro type of styling. Owners online report a high incident of defective can openers being shipped out, so caution should be noted in this area.

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