Disney Princess Kids Bike Horn Mounts On Both Bikes And Trikes

Every little princess needs a chariot to ride in and every chariot needs a way to announce its triumphant arrival. There is no better way to proclaim the arrival of a princess than a trumpeting horn. The Disney Princess Horn is very lightweight and easy to assemble. It comes adorned with a big satin bow. While there are no pictures of the Princesses printed on the horn, they are represented by the special charms that are attached to the ribbons. The ribbons can come loose and need to be reattached as can the charms. Glue or tape can quickly remedy the situation. The kids bike horn mounts well to both bicycles and trike’s.

One unique use for the horn is to add a little style by mounting it onto a walker. The horn is loud and works extremely well. On occasion, the reed in the kids bike horn my come loose and need to be reinserted, but this is not overly difficult.

The Positives
Pink and purple princess themed noise-maker. Horn sounds awesome, not a wimpy sound with pretty satin bow and special charms. Fits both bikes and trikes and is easy to assemble. Instructions to attach to bike or trike included.

The Negatives
The reed in the kids bike horn my come loose and need to be reinserted. No additional embellishments other than the bow and the attached charms.

So What’s The Scoop?
While some customers found the Noodlehead Sprinkler to be too fussy to deal with and lacking in power, the majority of users found the customizable nature of the sprinkler very effective for watering yards big and small.

Disney Princess Horn.

Disney Princess Horn For Bike.

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