This Shun Ken Onion Japanese Chef Knife Is Gorgeous And Sharp!

The Japanese chef knife by Shun knives is a gorgeous piece of art – you can see that just by looking at the photo! But when I was researching for this review, I found out that there are tons of people who think this, too – many of them professional chefs. Reviews from professionals and gourmet at-home cooks noted that this was absolutely one of the sharpest knives out there. One reviewer said he didn’t think there was anything sharper than a Henckel Zwiling until he tried this knife, only to find that it was, indeed, the sharpest knife he’d ever used. Of course, good chef’s knives shouldn’t be completely utilitarian, either.

And this one isn’t. It has a beautiful Pakkawood handle that doesn’t get slippery when wet – beauty and utility combined. The uniquely shaped handle is made to fit the curve of your hand so that you don’t tense up when cutting. It takes advantage of natural hand placement that makes it easier to cut through just about anything.

The Positives
The Damascus blade on this knife is made from VG-10 stainless steel with SUS410 high carbon stainless steel on the sides. The combination, according to reviewers, makes this knife much more rust-resistant than the original Damascus blade counterparts.

The sixteen degree angle for this blade is four degrees sharper than most German and American knives, which makes a surprisingly large difference in cutting ability.

The Negatives
Some reviewers note that the ergonomically shaped handle of this Japanese chef knife actually isn’t comfortable. One person reminds chefs that the knives are made for smaller hands, as they’re Japanese, and that men, particularly those with very large hands, may be better off with German knives. With that said, several male chefs chimed in to note that the knife was very comfortable.

Other reviewers note that the knife blade is a little loose and that food could get stuck between the blade and handle. This is a problem that Shun will typically fix by sending a new knife.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you’re interested in a great all-purpose chef’s knife, this is definitely one to check out. As one reviewer said, though, it’s always good to try a knife – either by ordering it and planning to send it back if it doesn’t work or by checking it out in a store before getting a better price online – before you buy it for good. Different knives fit different people, so if this knife isn’t comfortable for you, go with a German set from Henckel or another reputable company instead.

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Shun Ken Onion Chefs Knife.

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