The Intex Pool Cover Will Protect Your Pool This Summer

Want to enjoy a new inflatable pool but are discouraged by the bugs, leaves, and other muck that they attract? Don’t spend your time, energy and precious patience trying to craft a homemade cover from a tarp or other material. Check out this ready to go solution – an Intex Pool Cover. The cover will fit snugly on 8’ diameter pools and does wonders to keep your water clean and free of debris. Gone are the days when you must dig out a net or venture in with your bare hands to get your pool ready to enjoy. Just pop the cover off and you are ready for fun. A unique feature of the pool is several holes on top of the cover.

A cover is not supposed to have holes, right? However, these serve to keep your cover from getting bogged down from rain and becoming too heavy to lift off. Many won’t understand or appreciate the design until they go to swim after a heavy rain and are able to lift off the Intex cover easily.

The Positives
Round pool cover that fits 8 foot diameter pools. Easy to use. Makes a snug fit over the edge of the pool. Drain holes to prevent water accumulation. Keeps out leaves, dirt and insects out of the pool. Helps reduce pool water evaporation.

The Negatives
Some have reported that the small holes on the top can let some dirt into the pool. One reviewer did not feel the swimming pool cover material was of high quality since it rips easily.

So What’s The Scoop?
With other covers, you might have to really bulk up at the gym to get it off! So, get ready to cool off in a clean pool with the Intex Pool Cover and float away the stresses of the day!

Intex Easy Set 8 Foot Pool Cover.

Intex Swimming Pool Cover.

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