Indoor Turkey Fryer Includes Patented Infrared Cooking Technology

Have you been considering deep frying a turkey, but been turned off by the mess of the oil involved? Maybe the danger of a fire has stopped you from enjoying a fried turkey. An infrared indoor turkey fryer can avoid both of these problems. With the ability to cook a turkey weighing up to 16 pounds, the Char-Broil 08101480 Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer avoids the mess by frying without the use of any oil. There is no danger of starting a fire as this unit uses infrared cooking technology. Remember though, it must, be used outside as it uses an enclosed propane burner to cook with which requires a propane bottle to work.

By having to use this outside, it may require more cooking time on windy or cold days. While it is meant to fry turkeys, it also has the ability to cook other foods such as chickens, pork tenderloins and other large cuts of meat.

The Positives
Char-Broil turkey fryer with patented infrared cooking technology. Cooks turkeys up to 16 pounds, chickens, beef roasts, pork tenderloins, etc. No more splatter or flash fire safety hazard as well as no more disposal of used oil. Includes cooker, cooking basket, lifter and meat thermometer. Favorite marinades can be injected and even dry rubs and sauces can be added.

The Negatives
Indoor electric turkey fryer must be used outside due to needing the propane bottle. Few review comments about the oilless turkey fryer producing a dry and tasteless turkey.

So What’s The Scoop?
This electric turkey deep fryer requires minimal set-up time and is easy to clean. The infrared turkey fryer with its 18,000 BTU burner gives you an alternative to deep frying while still cooking up a juice bird with a crispy skin.

Char Broil 08101480 The Big Easy Oil Less Infrared Turkey Fryer.

Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer.

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