Hot Wheels Color Shifters Is Like A Miniature Water Park

Kids love Hot Wheel cars, and they really love the color transforming “Color Shifter” cars! This play set makes changing the car color not only easy but loads of fun. It comes with one car that changes from icy blue to green, but others can be purchased for use with this toy. The base has dunk tanks to dip the cars into hot or cold water making the cars’ paint transform. There is a spray gun and special shielded area for squirting the cars and watching them switch color. Constructed from sturdy, durable plastic. Even though water collects in a basin beneath the platform, the Hot Wheels Color Shifters is best played with outside for worry-free action.

After transforming the colors, the car can be shot down the curved track on the Hot Wheels Color Shifter Blaster to race away from the base. One parent suggests equipping the kids with small paintbrushes so they can make intricate designs on the car. Parents note that luke-warm water will change the color, but to change it back requires icy cold water. They also note that the color shifting ability temporarily wears out after about a half hour of play. The cars just require a rest, so it is a good idea to have several cars. Several reviewers say an adult needs to be on hand for making frequent trips for hot and cold-water refills.

The Positives
Transform or customize your Color Shifters vehicles. It comes removable spray gun, can be used to spray the cars with bursts of water. Includes spray gun, transformation unit, customization tanks and cool car launcher. With two dunk tanks and a squirt gun, helps you make the most of Color Shifter cars. Simple for kids to use and does a good job of containing stray water.

The Negatives
An adult needs to be on hand for making frequent trips for water refills. Some took issue that it can get messy with a smaller child.

So What’s The Scoop?
The car play toy does require the attention of the parent to allow the child to get the most out of it. But most owner feedback says it’s worth it to see the enjoyment on your child’s face.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Blaster.

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