Krups C75 Home Beer Dispenser Has Heineken DraughtKeg Technology

There’s no two ways about it, most men enjoy spending time at the local pub having a nice cold beer after a long day. Wives around the world no doubt enjoy some time without their husbands in the house, but too much time becomes annoying. For couples around the world, the Krups C75 BeerTender Home Beer-Tap System is the perfect solution. Wives can keep their husbands home, and husbands can entertain their friends in the mancave with cold beer, fresh from the tap at home. This home beer dispenser is designed to be used specifically with the innovative 5L Heineken DraughtKeg.

A carbonator pressure system ensures cold, fresh beer for up to 30-days. This unit also includes an LCD screen to display keg volume levels and internal temperature. Finally, the Krups home beer refrigerator comes with 10-disposable keg tubes and has easily detachable parts that can be cleaned and reused time and time again. Other models are available for customers to choose from, but the Krups mini keg beertender is perhaps the best of both worlds.

On the flip side, customers get more for their money than they would by buying other basic models for $100 less. The vast majority of online reviewers were overwhelmingly in favor of the Krups draft beer dispenser. While a small handful reported issues such as leaks or system malfunctions, most users are still enjoying cold tap beer at home from their unit.

The Positives
Home beer-tap system for use with a 5-liter Heineken DraughtKeg. Carbonator pressure technology maintains freshness for up to 30 days. Silent cooling system with LED display with volume and temperature indicators. The mini keg and releases Co2 each time the tap opens, ensuring crisp, fresh beer. Ideal for poker nights, football parties with friends, and other fun events.

The Negatives
Small handful of owners reported issues such as leaks or system malfunctions. Some reviewers mentioned the unit producing too much foam for their taste.

So What’s The Scoop?
While not the top of the line model, this unit provides good bang for the buck as it is priced nearly $150 less than top models. With a Krups C75 BeerTender, husbands can happily spend more time at home with a cold beer straight from the tap, and even impress their buddies with fresh beer while entertaining on the weekends!

Krups C75 Beertender Home Beer Tap System.

Home Beer Refrigerator.

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