Tri Trac 3 Wheel Golf Pull Cart Intech Is A Bargain For The Price

One of the biggest attractions in the sport of golf is the chance to get some outdoor exercise. While many golfers opt for the convenience of a golf cart, there are still many others who prefer to walk the course. The downside to this choice however is the added stress on the shoulders and back that a golf bag provides. You can take the burden off your body though with the help of the Intech Tri Trac 3-Wheel Pull Golf Cart. The golf pull cart from Intech features dual-strut reinforcement for strength and nylon bag straps with snap-lock technology to safely secure your bag to the cart. What else does it sport?

The designer wheels feature anti-slide treads to ensure your cart and bag stay where you put them and are capable of tackling any course terrain. The cart offers additional features such as an adjustable handle, easy two-step folding design for storage, waterproof scorecard holder, and a detachable water bottle.

The Intech model is among the least expensive pull carts on the market, but it is not lacking in extra features like many of the other less expensive models. While the vast majority of online reviewers were pleased with the Intech Tri Trac 3-Wheel Pull Golf Cart, even those who enjoyed the product found faults.

The Positives
Boasting dual-strut reinforcement and designer wheels with anti-slide treads. Golf bag pull cart has an adjustable handle and a detachable water bottle. Cart offers such features as nylon bag straps with snap-lock buckles. Easy two-step folding design for storage and has a waterproof scorecard holder. Intech Tri Trac golf pull cart makes an ideal accessory for golf courses everywhere.

The Negatives
A comment that the center wheel pulls the cart to the left a bit. One reviewer commented that the three wheel golf cart assembly instructions were frustrating.

So What’s The Scoop?
The most common complaint among reviewers was that the cart’s body was poorly designed with the front wheel causing their carts to pull to one direction or another instead of traveling a straight line. Although there are downsides to the Intech Tri Trac Golf Cart, you will be hard pressed to beat the value provided by this cart.

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Intech Tri Trac 3 Wheel Pull Golf Cart.

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