The George Foreman Griddle Is An Effective Electric Countertop Grill

Enjoy delicious grilled food without having to leave your kitchen! With the George Foreman Griddle, you can cook up burgers, vegetables and steaks. With a sleek design that fits on any countertop, the electric griddle has a 72 inch cooking surface, a stay cool handle and “ready” indicator light. The drip tray keeps fat away from food and the nonstick coating allows for easy cleaning. The griddle also comes with an extra griddle plate and spatula. George Foreman products have made grilling foods healthier and easier, especially for those who lack a grill, such as dorm or apartment dwellers or those that desire an electric grill rather than natural gas.

The George Foreman Griddle is also a great alternative during the winter months when the grill isn’t in use. These inventive products are some of the most popular on the market, especially with their consistent cooking results. The Black and Decker Nonstick Griddle for example, has received very poor reviews, with customers saying the product was poorly made and allowed the food to stick.

Presto Griddles have received much better reviews, yet customers still felt that these griddles didn’t cook evenly. The George Foreman offer a convenient drip tray, the Presto griddles are tilt and drain. The only downside is that the grill is a bit smaller than most expected it to be, making it ideal for small families or couples. Overall, this is an excellent addition to any kitchen, preparing healthy grilled foods any time of the day!

The Positives
Electric countertop grill with 72-square-inch cooking surface. Triple nonstick coating for low-fat cooking and effortless food release. Includes a 1 inch floating hinge with “ready” indicator light, drip tray and stay-cool handle. Electric griddle has an extra griddle plate and spatula included. Extra griddle plate great for cooking up pancakes, french toast, eggs and more.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the grill was a bit smaller than expected. Complaints of food becoming too dry when cooked on the electric griddle.

So What’s The Scoop?
Fortunately, online reviewers have been happy with their George Foreman Family Griddle, saying that it’s a dependable griddle that is perfect for grilling up small quantities of food.

George Foreman Griddle.

George Foreman GRP54G Family Griddle.

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